A Meerkat's Purpose (Hardcover)

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When little Meerkat grew up, it was time for him to take his own journey.
“What will I do with my life?” said Meerkat.
“You must find something you’re good at,” said Mother Meerkat.
So, little Meerkat set out to find it.

Meerkat is ready for his first adventure, but how will he find his purpose on the African savannah? Will it be with lightning fast Cheetah? With tall and noble Giraffe? Or magnificent, grazing Rhino? Can he ever be good at any of these things, or is there another purpose in store for him? With spunky and exuberant illustrations, author of the best-selling series, Snow Flower and the Panther and African Animals ABC, Fleurie Leclercq, delivers a wise and timeless tale, a story of identity, community, and purpose. A Meerkat’s Purpose is a fun tale for young and old, and perfect for ages 3 and up.