Elephant and Queen Bee (Hardcover)

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An Elephant who enjoys lounging and a bustling Queen Bee share a magnificent banyan tree. Their happiness could be perfect if the two animals didn’t dislike each other so much. What annoying bees, always buzzing, Elephant thinks as Queen Bee disapproves of the Elephant’s laziness. The two enemies find each other useless.

Until, one day, a violent storm destroys their beloved banyan tree!

With daring and dynamic illustrations, Fluerie Leclercq, author of the best-selling series, Snow Flower and the Panther and African Animals ABC, delivers us a wise and timeless fable on having respect for others, the importance of helping those in need despite our differences, and the value we bring to the world as individuals. Elephant and Queen Bee is a warm tale for young and old from 3 years and up.