The Lion's Mane (Paperback)

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An old lion king summoned his son, Leo.
“I am getting old,” said the king.
“It is time that you take my place and rule over the animals.”
The young Leo was proud that his father had asked him to rule,
but there was one problem— he did not have a mane.

It is time for a young lion named Leo to take his place as leader of the animal kingdom. He is excited to lead, but he realizes he is missing one of the most important attributes of a Lion King, a great and noble mane. How can a king rule
if he does not look like one? Or are there other ways to be a good ruler? Ways that do not involve how you look but what you can do for others.

With vibrant and compelling illustrations, Fleurie Leclercq, author of the bestselling Snow Flower and the Panther and African Animals ABC, spins a tale of finding your purpose not through how we see ourselves but how we relate to others in this third installment of the Little Stories Series. Perfect for ages 3 and up.