The Prince & The Lioness (Paperback)

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Prince Jelani, the son of the village chief, is the best hunter in the African bush, so much so that he has begun to over-hunt the animals and disturb the balance of the land. His father begs him to hunt only what the village needs, but the prince is too distracted by his own strength, skill, and love of the hunt…

Princess Asha, the daughter of the lion king, is tasked with punishing Prince Jelani for his unfair treatment of the animals, but the lioness is unsure if the demands of her animal kingdom are not just as wrong as the prince’s cruel ways. Will Princess Asha find a way to stop the prince and maintain her belief in what is right? Will Prince Jelani see the wrong of his ways? Or will their paths cross in ways they never could have imagined?

The Prince and the Lioness by Fleurie Leclercq is the daring new series within the ‘Snow Flower and the Panther’ world, which brings the beloved age-old tales of Africa to life for the generations of today and tomorrow.
Perfect for ages six and up.